WISeID 1.0.3

WISeID the best free password manager to secure your data. Store all of your passwords, credit cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, notes, photos, bank accounts, and even backup Facebook friends within the secure safe of WISeID and sync between devices.

WISeID 1.0.3

Never forget a password again. WISeID is the only password you'll ever need!

WISeKey's WISeID secures and protects your sensitive personal information. You can store all of your passwords, credit cards, loyalty cards, ID cards, notes, photos, bank accounts, etc. within the secure safe within the WISeID app. The personal data that you store in WISeID's secure vault always stays under your control, and is never communicated to third parties. 1Password, dot patter protection or even your face is all it takes to unlock your secure data vault.

Every time you open a new account you need to create an ever more difficult password: longer, using numbers, capitals, and symbols. How can anyone remember all these passwords? WISeID puts you back in control of the access to your life. Use only one password or just your face using is advanced face recognition to access WISeID from which you can log into your favorite web sites and services with one click.

Your Master Password: Create a Master Password which will be the only means to unlock the data inside the app. This is your key to access your information, and of course, you should treat it as securely as you would the key to your home.

Military-Grade Encryption: WISeID encrypts all the data it stores. Your data is not stored in plain text, but rather a complex algorithm is used to encode the data. This means that even if your mobile device is lost or stolen, no attacker can read the information you have stored inside of it.

Multi-Device Portability & Cloud Backup: Secure your data from loss by saving the encrypted DB to cloud storage, and then be able to sync it with your other devices: Windows, Mac OS/X, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Kindle and Android are all supported.

No Central Server: The personal data collected in WISeID always stays under your control on the mobile device or encrypted in your private cloud storage. We do not store your data or your passwords, so there is no threat of central Database hacking.


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